17 April, 2024

Regional Centre



  • Awareness Programmes
  • Pre-Admission Counselling sessions at RC & LSCs
  • Induction Meetings
  • Appointment/Renewal of Coordinators /PICs /Part-Time Staff Members
  • Organizing Training and Orientation Programmes for the Academic Counsellors
  • Organizing Coordinators Meet
  • Conduct of Term End Examinations and Practical Examinations at different LSCs
  • Conduct of Entrance Test
  • Holding Convocations
  • Effective Student Support Services
  • Liaison with the  State Government Administration, Universities, other education institutions and NGOs for promotion of IGNOU Programmes
  • Meetings with Media/ Press
  • Vigilance Day celebrated
  • National Education Day celebrated.
  • Cleanliness Drive undertaken
  • Hindi Week celebrated (12-18 September, 2014)
  • National Unity Day celebrated
  • Good Governance Day celebrated (24 December 2014)
  • To accelerate the growth of higher education  in the region for rural and remote area people, women and under privileged section of the society
  • Establishing LSCs at Sub-division level in the region
  • Establishing Special Study Centres in Economically & Educationally Backward Blocks (EEBB) of the region
  • Promotion of vocational/skill development programmes for employment generation in the region
  • Organizing Career Counselling programmes
  • Promoting programmes for Govt. officials, Security personnels /NGOs and Law professionals.
  • Activation of need based programmes relevant for local people
  • Web-conferencing /Teleconferencing facilities at RC and all LSCs of the region for better coordination
  • Establishment of PSC for BCA & MCA Programmes
  • Extensive use of modern multimedia technologies. 
  • Use of more online/e-learning resources/counselling sessions to strengthen LSCs.